2 October 2009

Walkers Turkey & Stuffing [Festive Edition] (Sainsbury’s)

I think we should all just allow a moment of silence to accept the passing of summer, and then acknowledge the inevitable: it won’t be long until Christmas. To be honest I’m not there yet and the idea of ‘Festive Editions’ in October does worry me a little, but a new flavour should not be resisted!
These Turkey and Stuffing are really very nice, but they seem to have two very distinct flavours that I can taste. Firstly I thought I could pick up on the regular Walkers Roast Chicken taste, and the secondary flavour just seemed to be onion. I accept there was mild herby taste mixed in too, but it wasn’t that noticeable. I discovered that the meaty chicken flavour goes with the onion very well, and I thoroughly enjoyed the bag.
To summarise though we have some seriously tasty crisps, but if I ate one blindfold I would never guess that they were supposed to be turkey and stuffing.


  1. I spotted these today too, but was gutted to discover that they aren't vegetarian. Thanks for the review, at least now I know what i'm missing out on.

  2. Sorry to hear they're not suitable for you.

  3. I'm all for new crisps on the shelves, but a bit early for Turkey & Stuffing surely? I see the Farmers Choice Walkers multipacks are back in stores also (Sweet Cumberland Sausage, Ploughmans, Smoked Gammon). Very nice they are too.

  4. Oohh... will keep my eyes open for them -thanks. :-)

  5. This is not Salt and Vinegar, its horrible chicken corpse juice in a bag!

  6. I realise green bags are usually reserved for salt and vinegar... and something tells me you aren't a fan of these turkey ones? ;-)


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