28 February 2011

Tyrrell’s Sweet & Salty Proper Popcorn (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

When I go to the cinema I am very much in the sweet popcorn camp. I have tried salty popcorn, but never really seen the fascination with the stuff. I have also tried sweet and salty (i.e. both together) once before, when I tried Pret’s last year. Their attempt at the flavour wasn’t particularly special, and if anything I found it a little bit bland.
When I saw Tyrrells had ventured into the popcorn market I bought a bag for Foodstuff Finds purposes but wasn’t exactly excited about the same mixed concept of flavour. We were having a movie night in (watching The Men Who Stare at Goats) and it seemed appropriate to crack open the popcorn. We were all set up yummy George Clooney, yummy Ewan McGregor, yummy Spectre (he made me type that!) and hopefully yummy popcorn!
And it really was yummy popcorn too. I just can’t get over how totally clever the flavour was, it totally wowed me. Some pieces were saltier than sweet, and some were more sweet than salty, but the best bits were the ones lashings of both flavours! One thing is for sure, every piece was tasty and made you want to eat another.
The popcorn pieces were perfectly light and fluffy with a gentle crunch. In the entire bag there was only one unpopped kernel, and this looked like a minor oversight. The flavour is just about the most moreish and perfectly made stuff I have tried. It needed a warning on the front of the pack saying the clever flavour combination WILL make you eat more than you intended! I am totally converted to this, it’s absolutely fab stuff, and I will be buying more.
By Cinabar


  1. I've actually seen this in several shops as well and wasn't sure whether I should give it a try. I think thanks to your review, a bag of it will end up in my shopping basket the next time I see it. :-)

  2. Hope you like it... it just worked so well, it really did taste 'proper'. ;-)

  3. Great news, I've just bought a bag of this and am eagerly looking forward to it now. When I was in the shop I was also tempted by the 'Sour cream and Jalapeno' flavour, a very intriguing idea for popcorn!

  4. Simon - I have not seen those, but will pick some up up if I do, they sound very different and I'm feeling confident in Tyrrells now. Do let me know what you think of the Sweet & Salty version - hope you like them ;-)

  5. I bought a bag because it was on offer, but was a bit apprehensive as the back of the pack had NO description of the taste! I'm so glad I found this review, so now I can look forward to tucking into my bag :)
    Tasty and healthy, whats not to love. Thanks

  6. Heather - let me know what you think of them. I bought another bag, I think they are so moreish!

  7. Found your review whilst looking for a local outlet from which to buy prets sweet and sour topcorn which I WAS in love with.... Until I took your advice and tried tyrrells version..... Wow! So much better than prets and I didn't think that was possible! Perfect snack, not at all bad calorie wise and soo tasty! Ate half the bag while still driving home from waitrose! Love the blog, will check back before I try anything new! Thanks xx

  8. Sarah - Glad you like the Tyrrells popcorn, I love the stuff. Also really glad you like the like blog, and enjoy reading it - we update daily, so stay tuned! :-)


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