Friday, 19 April 2013

Kit Kat – 5 Finger [Limited Edition] (Boots) [By @cinabar]

It was actually on April Fool’s Day that I first heard about Kit Kat releasing a 5 finger edition bar. The idea made me smile, and given the date I dismissed the concept as Nestle just teasing us. Then I saw a campaign on Facebook where they were giving away 1000 packs, so I thought the bar had maybe had a very limited run in order to back up the novelty. So when I saw the bar in Boots I did take a bit of a double glance, and eagerly snapped a few up!
It’s funny but being brought up on two or four finger Kit Kats means that the five finger version looks huge! It’s totally the wrong shape, its looks wrong, but it looks right too. There is nothing new about the chocolate finger underneath, it has the same wafer, the same tasty coating, just an extra stick in the pack. To be fair after three or four bites the Kit Kat looks disappointingly normal again, and after a few bites more it looks rather like a two finger Kit Kat too! :-D
Oh well, its novelty, but as far as Kit Kat attempting to bring out a ‘king’ sized product goes, this really is the perfect solution to the problem. It doesn’t mess with the chocolate biscuit proportions and the novelty means it looks really cute! Perfect for those in need of an extra long chocolate break.
By Cinabar


paulham said...

I cannot wait for the Aero with extra bubbles...

Actually, when they first launched the Wispa-sized bar it did have larger holes and it tasted great.

That was when Rowntrees/Nestle made decent chocolate.

Anonymous said...

This is B.S. When I was a kid all they had was the 5 finger bars and 2 finger snack bars. Now they come out with the 4 finger bar and say,"Oh, that's what they were the whole time!"

Anonymous said...

I can remember five finger bars

rich said...

i remember the 5 finger bars from my school days,, and only 20p