20 May 2010

Cadbury's Dairy Milk - Black Forest [Australia] (Cybercandy)

Oh what wonderful temptations lay within Cybercandy, it is full of import goodness. I love Black Forest Gateaux, and the idea of a Black Forest Dairy Milk just sounded rather fabulous!
Sadly despite all the potential, I found myself being a little indifferent towards this bar. The picture on the front looks like the chocolate is packed with cherry and biscuit, but in my bar things were much sparser, there were even a fair few squares which had neither, and were just plain.
The biscuit pieces were nice and crunchy, but the cherry part lacked appeal. The cherry flavour was good in the jellies, but I didn’t like the texture, they were a little too firm and chewy for my palette.
Finally the chocolate didn’t taste like UK Dairy Milk. I thought that it wasn’t as sweet or creamy, and it tasted like any nondescript milk chocolate. So all in all this bar was far from unpleasant, but there was no magic to it that would make me rush out for a re-purchase. Don’t worry though, this wasn’t my only Cybercandy purchase, I’ll be writing about the others very soon!


Anonymous said...

Best Flippin chocolate i've ever had.Flippin believe it!!

Anonymous said...

I went to australia at christmas and could not get enough of this fab chocolate bar. I was so annoyed i did not give myself time to stock up before leaving for home. However a great aussie mate sends me a few blocks of this stuff from time to time and i appreciate it even more. Just wish uk cadbury firms would follow suitand stock it. As for some comments on other internet sites i did not notice any difference in the taste or texture of chocolate. And this is coming from a compulsive chocoholic