2 August 2011

Shokomonk – Mohn [White Chocolate with Poppy] (Germany) [By @Cinabar]

While writing for Foodstuff Finds we try quite a few interesting curious combinations of flavours, but this one is still a first on me – poppy and chocolate. The wrapper has a drawing of a poppy and the German word “Mohn” for poppy, so I assumed that there was some poppy flower content. When the bar was unwrapped it was clear that the ingredients were poppy seeds. The bar did look amazing though, the white chocolate base allowing the black seeds to shine through and create the speckled chocolate.
The bar has a sweet aroma, sugary and distinctively that of rich white chocolate. Surprisingly there is little poppy seed in the scent. The bar has a good texture, the size of the bar means that the pieces are lovely and chunky. The chocolate is firm, but not too solid that it is uncomfortable to bite. The poppy seeds add a lovely crunch, but the flavour is also very mild. To be honest, there are so many poppy seeds packed within the chocolate that it would be hard to imagine the flavour would be so subtle, but all they add is just a little nuttiness to the taste of the bar. The flavour of the white chocolate is creamy and suitable sweet, and the bar does have a lot of positive points. I loved the texture and the flavour. They also get full marks for coming up with an innovative idea, but I just couldn’t help wishing the poppy flavour was a little more defined.
By Cinabar


Ana said...

Wow, this is one Shokomonk bar I really I want to try - the only ones I've found so far were the least interesting ones.

Oscar said...

germans seem to use alot of poppy seeds, i had some pastry with some sweet poppy paste in it instead of like apple or chocolate

cinabar said...

Ana - the poppy seeds were surprisingly mild, but did add nice texture.

Oscar - its the first time Ive seen poppy seeds in choc, only really seen them on bread buns before now.