16 August 2011

Thorntons Cloudy Lemonade Chocolate [Limited Edition] [@thorntonschocs] [By @cinabar]

After last week’s popping candy spread from Sainsbury’s, you’d have thought that would be the last of popping candy goodies for a little while. It seems though popping candy is having a bit of a revival, and it features in this new bar from Thorntons.
The bar is a chunky white chocolate, infused with lemon oil and a portion of popping candy to recreate the fizz and flavour of Cloudy Lemonade. I broke a piece of the chocolate off and it had a firm snap particularly for a white chocolate.
The white chocolate flavour is really sweet and creamy, and of a really good quality. It is a very indulgent base for a flavoured bar. The lemon aspect was a little disappointing in that it was very mild. It was a decent natural taste, but it was quite weak. In one respect it was nice because it didn’t over power the chocolate tones, but it didn’t quite recreate the zing of cloudy lemonade.
I’m a popping candy fan, so I loved this fun element to the bar. There was a good portion and the chocolate bubbled and fizzed and cracked as I ate it. I thought it was a lovely way to bring out the carbonated nature of the drink and was a clever way of representing it. The lemon was gentle, but overall the chocolate gets a big summery thumbs up. :-)
By Cinabar


Lot-O-Choc said...

Im not normally a huge fan of white chocolate but this one sounds quite appealing, as long as the popping candy wasnt too overpowering!

cinabar said...

The popping candy is very much present - but I just like it - it makes me feel like a big kid :-)