24 August 2012

New Nestle Vice Versas Chocolate Sweets [By @Cinabar]

When I was at school Vice Versas were available in small bags and were one of my best friends favourite chocolate snacks. I remember her declaring that they were better than Minstrels because of the white chocolate version mixed in the pack. I have to admit that although I remember liking them as a kid, this wasn’t one of the products which I joined the campaign to get back. I just don’t remember having strong feelings about them.
Having said that I do have a love for retro goodies so was more than a bit excited when a bag arrived from Choccieman who had some as a giveaway on ChocolateReview.
I immediately tipped out the contents of the bag and was a little surprised to see how few brown shelled chocolates there were compared to white. The brown chocolate shells are filled with white chocolate and the white shells are filled with milk chocolate, i.e. vice versa (you see what they did there).
I tried one of the white shelled sweets, and couldn’t believe the milk chocolate within. It was rather poor in flavour, it tasted overly sweet and I couldn’t pick up on much cocoa at all. I know the sugary shell will have contributed to the flavour, but the chocolate itself was still disappointing, and reminded me of ‘advent calendar’ chocolate. I’m by no means a pernickety chocolate reviewer, and my taste buds are quite happy with the high street offerings, but this did nothing for me. They were okay to snack on, but a long way from being anything to rave about.
I tried the dark shelled white chocolate ones, and was totally turned around. The sweet shell complimented the creamy smooth white chocolate within perfectly. The white chocolate here had tones of vanilla and was beautifully rich and tasty. I can’t believe the contrast in these two sweets, both in name and quality!
Then I had a moment when I looked back down and saw the proportion of dark shelled white chocolate filled heaven compared to the lesser white shelled ones, and felt a little short changed. Nine brown, thirty-four white! They need to make a bag of just the white chocolate (brown shelled) sweets... I could start a campaign for that... or perhaps I should just pick up a bag of Milkybar buttons?
By Cinabar


  1. I had a pouch the other week and the numbers were slightly more even, though there were a few more white shelled ones. Guess you were just extremely unlucky!

  2. By the way, you should totally try some Snyder's of Hanover pretzels pieces, if you can get a hold of some. I first found them in the newsagent on Upper Bull Street in Birmingham, though there's a American candy stand in the Bullring that has them now too.

  3. I don't know if they still make them - it's been a couple of years since I was in England - but Milkybar White Moments were rather like white chocolate minstrels (and reminded me of vice versas which I remember loving when I was a kid) and they were SO good, though very sweet! If they do still exist maybe a better choice than buttons! They didn't seem to stock them many places so I could have been there at the end of their run though.

  4. That sucks! I bought a pack today and had slightly MORE white-choc-filled ones. They were almost even in quantities though! And I totally agree with your review.

  5. 18 white, 25 Brown here!

    They are £1 a bag in the Co-op at the moment too.

  6. 37 brown, 7 white in my bag.

  7. So I was rather unlucky with my ratios... ;-/ Can't quite face buying another bag to check the mix.

  8. Just bought a pack and b4 reading your review thought the Brown choc inside ones tasted cheap and indeed like those cheap choc calenders your gran gets you cause they are to tight to pay for a Cadburys one? I agree the white choc inner is better but overall they have destroyed an amazing product....won't be buying again

  9. Anon - I hate to say it, but I don't think these are going to be around very long - unless they improve the milk choc.


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