3 September 2012

[Limited Edition] Mars Caramel (Boots) [By @Cinabar]

So you are probably thinking that Mars bars already have caramel in them, so why would they make a limited edition caramel version? Before I answer that, I need to tell you about the American bar Milkyway Caramel.

In the USA, Mars and Milkyway are the opposite way round, so what we call a Mars they call a Milkyway. Their Milkyway Caramel has no nougat, but does have double the amount of caramel, hence the name. I know this bar well as it is Spectre’s favourite chocolate bar and if I tell him I’m going to the import store, this is what he asks for. Double thick caramel coated in chocolate, a proper treat.
Obviously then, when I heard about the new UK Limited Edition Mars Caramel, I thought I knew what was coming. So to answer my original question, I thought they were making a ‘caramel version’ because it would have double the caramel and no nougat. As it turns out I was wrong. This bar is just the thin topping of caramel, with a chocolate coat. There is no extra caramel, it’s just a slim looking disappointing bar. I guess they either named it Limited Edition Mars Caramel or they called it Limited Edition Mars No Nougat, and the first option sounded more catchy!
Oh well, onto the more positive side, the Mars chocolate and caramel are indeed very tasty. The caramel consistency is thick and gooey, and it oozes flavour. It’s sticky in the mouth but delivers a flavour with hints of toffee and Demerara sugar. The Mars chocolate is the same that you would expect in the normal bar, even to the point that it is thicker on the top. It adds a nice chocolate goodness to the overall bar, with lots of nice sweet creamy cocoa flavour. I honestly can’t say I didn’t enjoy the bar, but I did feel a bit short changed. This bar was selling for the same price as the normal Mars in my branch of Boots. For the money all I could think was; seriously, where is the rest of my bar?
By Cinabar


Paulham said...

It isn't a patch on the Milky Way version from the USA. The American one has loads of flavour whilst the UK one tastes like a cheap imitation of a Mars product.
You really need to taste them side by side, the difference is very obvious to these taste buds.

Lot-O-Choc said...

Disappointing! Whats the point in removing the nougat and not replacing it with more caramel?!

random_tangent said...

Weird. When they brought Mars Caramel out here, it was the size of a full bar - honestly it was a bit TOO much sugar so maybe that's why they made it smaller in the UK.

Tara said...

We've had the Mars Caramel in Canada for a few years now. It seems to be a permanent addition to the lineup; not a limited edition. It's a nice change once in a while.

cinabar said...

paulham - it is a bit disappointing. spectre is going to do a side by side test and report back.

lot-o-choc - its such a shame, its only half a bar :-(

random_tangent - too much sugar? I'm not sure I follow! :-D