11 September 2012

Oishi Pillows -Chocolate Filled (Day In Supermarket, Birmingham) [By @cinabar]

When Spectre first bought his bag of ‘pillows’ back I have to say I did think this was in fact some sort of breakfast cereal. It took me a minute to realise that it was actually an imported snack for munching, without milk. The bag claims to be party sized, so is meant to be poured into a bowl and shared.
I opened up the bag, and visually these still looked like breakfast cereal to me. They are a wheat based pillow shape filled with a gooey chocolate centre. If I was having a party I am sure that people would look oddly at these, and assume I ran out of proper snack and resorted to breakfast cereal in a bowl to share. Or they may just add milk and take the bowl! It’s just such an obvious association to make when you look at them.
Having said that, I have been known to munch cereal without milk, so perhaps they are on to something? Opening the bag and having a look at the contents, made me even more convinced that these are some sort of breakfast cereal. I bit in, and discovered that the wheat coating crunched and melted pleasantly away, and then the rich chocolaty centre took over the flavour. It was light but sweet and delivered a very pleasant chocolate hit. I found myself immediately reaching for another, and another. They may look like cereal, and they may even taste a lot like cereal but they seem to have successfully hit moreish on the head.
Although these may look a bit odd in a bowl at a party, one thing is for sure once people try them, they really won’t last very long at all!
By Cinabar


krnries said...

They do look very like Chocolatey Squares and Krave that my girls like for breakfast, without milk

bob said...

'Oishi' means 'delicious' in English.
That said, I agree with knries. They look exactly like Krave to me. :-)

bob said...

I forgot to mention that 'Oishi' is in Japanese.
Blame the Scotch I've been guzzling on my day off!

Hannah The Review Addict said...

I agree, they do look just like Krave!

I HATE milk so I am a big fan of eating cereal as snacks and Krave has been one of my favourites so I think I would love this product!