18 November 2012

Southern Comfort with Lime [by @NLi10]

A long time ago I was asked whether I'd prefer Sothern Comfort with Lime, or with Black Cherry.  After some deliberation (I'm practically tee total these days and really don't remember ever been that into whisky) I decided that I liked lime the most and remarked as such.  Then this appeared!

The reviewing of this had to wait a while, we had Halloween and fireworks (which I can still hear) to deal with.  Alcohol is more of a christmas thing anyway - one of the reasons I don't claim to be 100% teetotal is that I like to have the hot chocolate with spirits in at the Birmingham German market each year - so here we go. 

The bottle suggests that I try it with lemonade and on the rocks so this is what we shall do.  Also I'm going to try it with tonic, as frankly anything goes well with tonic.  I was advised that the traditional use of SoCo is with a cola, but I didn't have any and it wasn't mentioned on the bottle so I decided not to go out in the cold and fetch some.

First up I tried Fentimans Rose Lemonade with the Southern Comfort Lime.  This was amazing.  Any doubt that I had about the product vanished.  This was smooth, and fruity.  The flavours of the lemonade floated gently above the whisky and both complemented each other well.  While the bottle suggested I should be enjoying this with friends I was enjoying it while doing the washing up.  This felt slightly hedonistic and like I was rewarding myself for a hard day at work (in reality I read Jam in bed and played Dark Souls - it's Sunday after-all).  I could finish the bottle in this manner (at a party, the washing up is almost finished) with pleasure.

Next up was on the rocks.

As my fridge has an ice bit this was fairly straight-forwards but just wasn't that exciting.  The alcohol vapours were far to prominent in the flavour and by itself the Lime just didn't shine as much.  I drank it, but it was just a drink and surprisingly less exciting than the previous offering.  If someone had bought it for you then you wouldn't be upset, but you'd make a mental note to sneak the dash of lemonade on the top to wake it up.

Finally I went for the Fentimans tonic to see what happened.  This wasn't that great either.  All the flavour was in the base notes of the whisky and tonic so it came over as a little dull.  The flat taste meant that both the lime and the tonic were a bit masked and neither together were as nice as they were individually.  This was probably the worst of the three!  I think that the Schweps tonic is sweeter and fizzier that it may work better - we can try that in the future. If I tried all the options I'd be asleep, not typing...

I think that the fizz and the sweetness of cola would put it much closer to the lemonade and is something I intend to try (with friends).  Ice cold Rose Fentimans and this is frankly brilliant though, and my original plans to donate the rest to family Xmas parties may now not happen.  Maybe I do like whisky after-all!

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bob said...

Does it retain the peach flavour of regular S.C.?