22 September 2009

Green Tea Candy (Mount Fuji)

This is a bit of a curious idea, it is a hard boiled sweet flavoured with Green Tea. Before I tell you about the sweets themselves, let me tell you about the packaging. In the picture you can see the word ‘tab’ at the top left hand side, well if you pull that it rips a thin thread along the pack and opens it. The bag is then left in re-sealable state, and is an absolutely lovely way of having a zipper on a bag. Surprisingly though, the sweets inside are also individually wrapped for freshness, and for extra freshness there was a sachet of something to prevent dampness, the wrapper was in Japanese but I would guess something along the lines of Silica Gel? I have never seen that in a bag of sweets before!
The sweets then are hard boiled and green, and do taste of sweet green tea. This taste is not something my taste buds are used to, but it tastes like the smell of fresh grass, or tea leaves. They are not unpleasant, but they are also not the first thing I would rush for as they taste almost medicinal. I think this may be because when I drink green tea I don’t add sugar, and so I’m not really used to having the flavour mixed with sweetness. There a note on the back of the packet about how the extracts from Green Tea are really good for you, and that these sweets are full of them, so I will finish the pack! Has anyone else tried these, they can be found in Japanese import shops? Would love some second opinions!


Katie said...

I havent tried but I love the packaging!

cinabar said...

The packaging is just lovely... never seen anything like that in the UK. Our resealable bags for sweets generally just have a sticker.