8 September 2009

Mecano (Peru)

This rather lovely chocolate circle was brought back from Peru. Many thanks to the person who thought of me while on their travels!
My first thoughts on this item were around the name and shape. The name ‘Mecano’ is almost the same as the name ‘Meccano’ which is the children’s toy. My thoughts were that the nuts (metal variety) used in Meccano look rather like this chocolate item? I may be clutching at straws though!
Anyway the snack itself is a chocolate loop, filled with caramel. The chocolate appears to be quite dark, but in taste is actually sweet and creamy, and the cocoa flavour is far mellower than I was expecting. Chocolate from abroad varies so much with regional preferences. The caramel inside is rich, dark and sugary. It isn’t as defined in flavour as that within the Wispa Gold, but is still of a good quality. This item makes a lovely snack, and I love the fascinating shape. A novelty perhaps, but perfect with coffee all the same! It was lovely to be able to try something from so far afield.

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Phil said...

What an interesting shaped chocolate! I love stuff like this.