4 June 2011

Giant Baby Jelly Mould [@findmeagift] [By @Cinabar]

This may not be an edible item being reviewed, but I still think it is one of the neatest food related items I’ve seen. Jelly babies are pretty cool, but if you have ever looked at a jelly baby and wished that it was bigger, then this may well be the perfect gift for you.
The lovely folks at Find Me A Gift sent me one to try, and I really couldn’t say no, it is right up my street.

The jelly mould was easy to fill as it sat level on the work surface face down. I made three sachets worth of blackcurrant jelly (i.e. three pints) to fill it, and then anxiously waited for it to set. It took a bit longer to set than my usual individual servings of jelly, so make sure you make it well in advance to give it plenty of time. Then came the tense moment of serving it and of course prizing it from its mould. I turned it over and gave it a little tap, but it stayed firm. So I followed the fool proof jelly removal rules by dipping it into some warm water to encourage it, and very gently running a knife around the edge and then he plopped out.

What a result, it really is a stunning looking jelly!!! I loved the detail, and the belly button is just so cute! We admired him for a while, and then tucked it. Cutting into him with a spoon felt like a bit of a moral issue, and there was a certain amount of guilt over eating his head. Spectre had no guilt as he ate his tummy... and then his chest... and his legs... and then ate his arms. Mental note don’t invite Spectre next time! :-D
Seriously though, this would be the perfect treat at the end of a summer barbecue, it’s guaranteed to make your guests smile and the jelly is light enough after all the food. It would wow kids too, perfect for a birthday party. It’s a simple idea but makes brilliant results and I just love the novelty of it.
If you want to get your own: http://www.find-me-a-gift.co.uk/giant-jelly-baby-mould.html
By Cinabar

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NLi10 said...

Better than a birthday cake - and you can pop candles in his eyes!