14 June 2013

Costa Giant Chocolate Tea Cake (@CostaCoffee) [By @cinabar]

Last month I had a lovely shopping day with my mum and stopped off for an Eton Mess Muffin in Costa to finish the afternoon off. While we were there we were very much aware that there were quite a few other new goodies appearing on the shelves for summer and made a note to sample some more next time we were in town.
Obviously when we went back some kind of chocolaty treat was in order and the Giant Tea Cakes caught our eye. If you’ve ever bought own brand chocolate tea cakes, unwrapped the packet and been disappointed at the size of the cakes, then the new ones from Costa were made for you! You certainly can’t complain about the dimensions of these tea cakes, they are fab!
The coating on the outside is a really good quality milk chocolate too, and it isn’t too flimsy, but it does give way nicely to the fluffy mallow inside. The base is like a firm chocolate sponge, and does hold the item together well. The only negative comment I have is that the jam in centre of both mine and my mum’s was almost nonexistent. There was a poster advertising these in the shop and that showed a generous dollop of jam but in reality ours had the jam almost missing. There was just a little bit of stickiness under the mallow in the centre. I wonder if they both just came from a dodgy batch? If it means I have to go back and have another one to investigate then so be it, I will take up that challenge for you. :-)
I don’t want to be to negative though because we thoroughly enjoyed our giant tea cakes, and ice lattes, they made the perfect sunny afternoon treat.
By Cinabar

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