17 June 2013

Dairy Milk Strawberries And Creme [Summer Limited Edition] (WH Smiths) [By @cinabar]

What says summer in Britain better than the combination of strawberries and cream? Just the thought of them and we also picture Wimbledon, barbecues and, with a bit of luck, a bit of sunshine too. Sadly the sun may not always be willing but that gives us fuel for our other national tradition, moaning about the weather!
Cadbury has cottoned on to our summer associations and created their new Limited Edition bar, comprising of a fruity sounding Strawberries And Creme. Yes that last word is ‘Creme’ not ‘Cream’ strangely enough.
I unwrapped the bar, and the sweet smell of fruit and chocolate filled the air. It smelt divine. I broke a piece off and could see the firm pink filling nestled under the Dairy Milk. I tried a first piece and really enjoyed it. The strawberry centre was sweet and fruity, but had a hint of sourness, not from the strawberries but like a yoghurt taste. Confused by this I had a closer inspection of the wrapper and low and behold on the back of the pack this chocolate is described as “with a yoghurt and strawberry flavour filling”. Well, that’s not a particularly British taste anymore, it is much more European, and something you’d expect filling a Milka bar, not a Cadbury one.
Having put that aside, I can’t tell you I didn’t love the new bar. The strawberry is strong and has bite, it is balanced by the thick coating of Dairy Milk and that slight hint of sour from the yoghurt gives it a lovely grown up feel. Its fruity and vibrant, and I will certainly be buying it again. If you are the kind of person who favours the soft fruit centres in tins of chocolates, this bar is effectively a giant strawberry cream. Whatever the influence it is lovely to see something new and innovative for Cadbury. I’d be in heaven if they released an orange creme edition too!
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

Coffer creme next please cadburys

cinabar said...

Oh my word yes, I couldn't agree with you more!! We don't get nearly enough coffee chocolate in this country!