16 June 2013

Moo Free Organic Dairy Free Choc + Montezuma's Sea Dog - One Earth [by @NLi10]

Moo Free Organic Dairy Free Choc + Montezuma's Sea Dog Dark Chocolate With Lime & Sea Salt - from One Earth, Digbeth Birmingham

On one of my far too infrequent visits to One Earth in my home town I came across a couple of odd chocolates.

The first of these is vegan milk chocolate! Like most products this was not something I'd ever thought about.  Vegans don't want to consume milk, chocolate is typically made with milk, sadness occurs.  Replacing this with rice milk allows everyone to join in which is great. This has cute hamsters and proclaims itself to be scrummy so is certainly worth a try.

Turns out its not as odd as you'd expect.  It doesn't taste like high-end milk chocolate, but it's much more similar to the cheaper end of the spectrum than I'd expected.  This isn't to say that it's not nice - it is - but there isn't the creaminess that I've come to expect, which is totally understandable. Instead there is a kind of unusual taste floating around, but it's 100% chocolate.

It has none of the terrible texture problems of carob based snacks, and instead is a suitable chocolate for those that don't like their cocoa products weaponised (like I do - see below). My partner (vegetarian) quite liked it and said that you couldn't really tell that it was not dairy.

Our next product goes down the more traditional route of replacing the dairy with more sugar and cocoa solids to form a product that is 70% cocoa solids and 99% dark choc.

But what is that remaining 1%?

Salt and Lime

I'm not that fussed about chocolates that don't have lots of coconut or biscuit in them (Bounty or Twix > Dairy Milk) unless it's seriously potent dark chocolate. This has more than enough going for it to be very exciting.

The first hint of flavour is the lime - which instantly kicks me back to a Thornton's choc lolly from the olden days which was green and powerful and perfect for a growing lad.  I'm guessing it fell out of favour as I haven't seen that in years.  Next up the chocolate itself appears, all warm and earthy and lovely and dark. Then as you chew there are little, uneven pockets of salt that pop up and give you a nice surprise.

While the Moo Free is incredibly good at doing what it set out to do this is just incredible.  My buddy and I ate half a bar of this while playing board games which was not that unusual for him but more unusual for me.  I have resisted so far but did sneak a few cubes to help with the review. Unlike the Montezuma's Chilli (which was nice but so hot I struggled to enjoy it) I can happily grab a bar of this occasionally.  

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