5 June 2013

Tyrrell’s Naked (No salt) (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

There was something that immediately attracted me to these crisps in the supermarket. I suspect it was the picture of the four naked girls stretching in the summer sun on the front of the bag. These Tyrrell’s Naked (No Salt) hand cooked crisps had a familiar feeling to them. Indeed I had No Salt crisps before with No Salt by Fairfield’s Farm Crisps and liked their refreshing potato flavour without the fuss of added flavours. I felt at the time that No Salt crisps were perfect for beer as they didn’t distract from the flavour of the beer, but complimented it, like other easy tasting flavours of crisps do, such as Ready Salted, and Salt and Black Pepper crisps. I’m glad to say my opinion had not changed when I dumped the contents of the 150g bag into a huge bowl and gleefully chomped on the first few whilst supping on a cool pint of pale ale. These crisps had a very nice fried potato flavour, but were a little harder on the roof of the mouth than first anticipated. I do like crisps with a good hearty crunch, but preferred the Fairfield’s Farm Crisps as they had the traditional crispy crunch rather than these sharper crunch crisps. Have said that, I still finished the lot in record time and washed them down with the rest of my pint of pale ale. I liked the cheeky picture on the packet too. There’s nothing like adding a little fun to your snacking. There may have been no salt in these crisps, but there was plenty of sugar on the front of the packet! :-)
By Spectre

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