8 June 2013

Palanquin – Spiced Tea (Tesco)[By @SpectreUK]

This traditional Masala Chai Spiced Tea from Palanquin is a blend of tea, cinnamon, ginger, clove, black pepper and cardamom. The 125g box had 40 square teabags in it that smelt of rich spices. Once made and with a dash of milk the tea exuded warmth and spice that tingled the senses. Ginger, clove, cinnamon and cardamom mixed together dreamily in the smell. Where clove and cardamom were the leading initial flavours in the taste, the other spices mixed perfectly with a touch of black pepper to finish. The back of the box stated that whilst the tea provides the antioxidants for the freshness of the tea, the cinnamon provides the warm spice to the tea helping with aching joints. The ginger adds further warmth with its spice whilst boosting circulation, relaxing blood vessels and helping to detox the body. The clove has antiseptic qualities, fighting against colds and flu revitalizing and re-establishing body heat. The black pepper eases aches and pains and adding further warmth to this drink and your body upon drinking. Finally the cardamom is used to fuel the mind and helps with bloating, fluid retention and digestion. This was a very refreshing and healthy feeling drink. With its warming qualities and healing affects it’s difficult to put any fault at its door. The mix of spices in this brew merged together perfectly for a comforting after meal drink to help with the digestion and a relaxing end of day drink to sooth me off to sleep. Palanquin also produces Red Bush, Kenya Tea, Cardamom Tea, Ginger Herbal Tea, Spearmint Herbal Tea, Red Bush Spiced and Red Bush Cardamom. With the excellent quality of this Spiced Tea, I’ll have to hunt them out!
By Spectre


paulham said...

They do a smashing cardamom variety too.

Highly recommended.


cinabar said...

Will keep an eye out, the big branch of Tesco not too far away from us stock loads of teas.