4 June 2013

Fragrant White Chicken Korma (Marks & Spencer) [By @Cinabar]

We don’t often review curry ready meals at Foodstuff Finds, but when I spotted this particular one in M&S, I couldn’t resist. I had been keeping my eye out for it for a while, as this particular dish won the Food Glorious Food competition shown on ITV.
My first bit of confusion on the pack was that it was described as Korma, but also labelled hot. This is a bit unusual, where I’m from generally a Korma curry is the mildest on the menu. I didn’t let this put me off as I also quite like spicy curries.
Inside the pack the curry comes topped with a green chilli, which after cooking was deposited on Spectres plate, for decoration. It was meant as decoration anyway, but he ended up chopping it into small bits and mixing it in, so his curry was hotter than mine!
The Korma is a bit of an odd colour, it’s not a warm colour, more of an off-white and speckled with herbs. We served it with rice, despite Spectre’s request for chips!
The flavour was most impressive though. The curry had managed to balance a lovely creamy nutty background flavour with some decent heat throughout. I wouldn’t say it was overly hot, but it’s tangy and spicy and more like a medium-hot than being anything too offensive. It was still the hottest Korma I’ve ever tried! The seasoning is spot on too, and as a fan of cardamom and coriander this was just perfect for me.
What was also nice was the quality of the chicken. The pieces were of a decent size, they were lovely and moist and had soaked up all the yummy flavours.
This was a thoroughly enjoyable Korma and well worth seeking out. I can see why it won the Food Glorious Food competition. Just be aware if you are a regular purchaser of Kormas this is hotter than most. As an extra feel good factor 40p from every pack goes to Great Ormand Street Hospital too, not that I’ll need any excuses to pick up another pack.
By Cinabar

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