10 June 2013

Mount Dew Sugar Free (WH Smiths) [By @cinabar]

As excited as I was when Mount Dew made it to British shores, I was also a little disappointed about the lack of a Diet or Sugar Free version. I know I have a sweet tooth and I might not strike you as the kind of person who is constantly worrying about calories, but I do tend to buy sugar free soft drinks. Call it compensation for all the other goodies! :-D
Anyway on a recent road trip Spectre and I found ourselves at Holy Island, looking forward to the walk up to the very beautiful Lindisfarne castle. Amongst our supplies we included a couple of bottles of Mount Dew Sugar Free to help fuel us. Yes I’m aware walking up the hill we probably could have been excused a full sugar drink, but the caffeine would have to be enough!
We cracked open the bottle and found a lovely refreshing citrus drink. It was impressively fizzy, but the orange, lemon and lime tones were fruity and zingy on a hot day. I enjoyed the drink and think the caffeine boost probably helped us along the way. Spectre’s more of a traditionalist and although he finished his off with no complaints, when pushed he did admit he’d choose Sprite over it next time.
The drink got the thumbs up from me, and I enjoyed the refreshing citrus taste. I’m also really pleased to see the sugar free version, and it is something I’ll buy again. Particularly as these came from the branch of WH Smiths near where I work, and sometimes I do need a bit of a caffeine boost to get through Monday morning blues!
By Cinabar


Erin Burns said...

Love your blog! Great review as always!
does it just taste the same as regular Mountain Dew or is it not as sweet? I found the regular to be a tad too sweet for me

Unknown said...

It annoys me that the mountain Dew we get here isn't the "real" Mountain Dew, but an energy drink with the hijacked name :-S
Will try this sugar-free one to see if it's nicer though :D

cinabar said...

Its a bit more mellow, still sweet but not as strong as the other variety. I'd buy this version over the full sugar one.