6 June 2013

Reggae Reggae Jerk Chicken Stonebaked Pizza (Co-op) [by @NLi10]

I'm a fan of home-bake Pizza - the kind where all the toppings are already sorted out and you just pop it in the oven for a few minutes before eating away.  I like unusual ones, but ordinarily the Asda own brand ones are the best and most of the others just seem to miss the point - the toppings are the star.  Here is the Levi Roots version - jerk chicken & pineapple!

As this was in the special offer section I decided to invest in two - I already know that Mr Roots knows the kind of thing I like and with a spiciness rating of Mild I didn't fear a burn-out.

Turns out I had nothing to fear, the flavours were smooth yet exciting.  The tingliness from the peppers and the chicken balanced with the sweetness of the pineapple (which came as a shock as I hand't spotted that) and shows thought has gone into this.   It was just the right size to eat one to yourself too which is a bonus.

Like the other Levi Roots things we've found over the years it's similar enough to the existing brands to be familiar but exciting enough that you'd consider upgrading to it whenever it's on offer.  He's a long way from that initial market stall, but as that's how Marks & Spencer's started there is still room to grow!

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