23 June 2013

the Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company - Yummy Scrummy Chocolate Pizza (by @NLi10)

The proverbial person who has everything must have all these things because everyone is buying them gifts. But what if it's your turn? What do you buy for this mythical person who has everything?  We got an e-mail from Not On The High Street inviting us to sample a few of their answers.

The first of which is this.  A chocolate pizza.

Most people's first reaction to this product is that it's a regular dough pizza with chocolate on it.  It isn't.  It certainly is about the size of a small pizza (a non sharing one) as you can see by the scale biscuits above. What it actually is though is a little bit cooler!

Dressed up like a pizza with all the toppings (notsmarties, marshmallows and white choc shavings) it's actually a really, REALLY large chocolate button!  And this is pretty cool.  It always gets the wow factor and is a joy to unwrap and reveal.

I unveiled this at poker night and while it had the wow factor the taste test wasn't that successful. The base chocolate is Galaxy like, the notsmarties are fine, the marshmallows are of an excellent quality though. While people enjoyed their slices there was no clamouring for extras and the pizza survived for another day as we moved onto other snacks, drinks and takeaways.

This day was a family birthday party for a three year old.  Here the pizza went down much better as everyone was already in the mood for iced rings, jelly and cake. People were naturally eating half slices so maybe it could be cut into 16ths if you are sharing it like this, but as a post pudding sweet treat it was demolished and enjoyed.  Again, those who like milder chocolates had more glowing reports, but I think the general reaction was more positive.

There are a variety of these on the Not On The High Street website and I probably went for one of the least adventurous. In terms of the actual 350g ish of chocolate they are very expensive, but I think that you are more buying a conversation starter and something that people will remember the party for than something that you merely snack on.

I think that the person who thought they had everything will be confused and entertained by this. It's much better for chocoholics, or people who enjoy letting other people eat their presents.

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