27 June 2013

Kellog's All-Bran Breakfast Biscuits (Asda) [by @NLi10]

It's breakfast time again and that means biscuits!  Not the fun and fruity biscuits that we are now used to with milk and raspberries though - it's time for some roughage!

All joking aside if you want to eat a large amount of fibre then all-bran (or bran flakes) are the most tasty way to do it.  They have the recipe down pat and add the right amount of B vitamins to make it taste a little tangy and still be good for you.  And now they've made biscuits.

These are quite a heavy affair as you'd guess, but not as chocolatey as I'd expected.  They remind me of chocolate Shreddies (more fibre) which I did used to eat without milk sometimes due to their snacky nature.  This is similar in that it's quite tough and hard, but still quite nice.  I think these have less sweetness to them than most chocolate biscuits, but the flavour is still nice.

You get two in a pack in theory, but they are stuck together as one big biscuit which doesn't crumble too much so you could eat it on the bus or at your desk without making your keyboard too crunchy.

And that's all you can say really - it's more filling and a little more chocolatey than a typical breakfast biscuit but as you'd expect from the sensible part of the cereal aisle it just does it's job in a very unexciting way.  If you like normal All Bran then you'll probably like this.

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