2 June 2013

FUEL Y10KH Breakfast Milk Drink (Asda) [by @NLi10]

Seeing as I liked the last product in the FUEL Your 10K Hours so much I accidentally reviewed it twice I figured I'd try their new breakfast drink range.

As I enjoy a good strawberry Milkshake I thought I'd go for that flavour - but there was a chocolate that was tempting and a caramel latte one that I really didn't fancy.  

What separates these from the normal milkshakes is the added vitamins and fibre (and bizarrely sandal wood extract).  It wasn't as thick as I was expecting, but the cleverly designed lid meant that I could shake this after opening without spillages so it's OK for out and about.  I drank it in one sitting (I drink milk based things by the pint usually) after my usual breakfast.

I don't think I was particularly zinging as there is no stimulants in this, but I was nicely full and able to get on with the busy Sunday activities of avoiding the housework and putting off writing reviews.  This may be a good product for someone who tries to avoid breakfast - maybe a busy worker or a sullen teenager - but I think as a quick and satisfying drink it stands on it's own.

I think the idea of breakfast biscuits and breakfast milk drinks are good.  If only there were some way I could have both at the same time - say in a bowl...

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