30 June 2013

Raw Chocolate, Rose & Pistachio by Ailey Mae (@notonthehighst) [by @NLi10]

The proverbial person who has everything must have all these things because everyone is buying them gifts.  But what if it's your turn? What do you buy for this mythical person who has everything?  We got an e-mail from Not On The High Street inviting us to sample a few of their answers.

Next on my list was this 45g bar of Raw Chocolate.  I've never knowingly had raw chocolate and wondered what it would be like. I love rose scented foods (having been given rose-hip syrup as a child and mentally linking the two) and pistachios are one of the all time best nuts so this seemed to be ideal.

The bar seemed larger than I expected for the weight.

It was neatly packed in foil and inside was some really dark choc with things in it - my favourite kind of chocolate!  I took a bite and...

...it was really soft. This confused me.  This has a texture that is far more like the centre of a chocolate from a box, or almost that of the best chocolate brownies.  It wasn't molten (in fact it was quite cold) but it was light without being full of air, and it was very unusual.  In fact I'd say I liked the sensation quite a lot!

It certainly has a non-factory taste to it too.  It's very, very fragrant and the rose sits nicely on top of the pistachio base flavour and the two are hugged together by a strong dark cocoa flavour.  And it's light enough that I could keep eating more!

There are a variety of flavours on the website and the chocolate artisan (their words not mine) has an Etsy too so you can pester them about your favourite flavour ideas. 

Is it expensive? Of course! Less so now I know that it's not just a small bar of chocolate, but a larger bar of something a little more truffle like.  Where as the Chocolate Pizza from last Sunday was a gift for someone who likes to eat a lot of chocolate or to share it, this is a deeply personal gift for someone who deserves a few quiet moments of indulgence. I think Cinabar would very much enjoy this!

If you have to post your gift to the person who has everything then this is small and would probably survive a trip via royal mail (mine did!) and is something that upon tasting shows that a lot of thought went into both the making and choosing of the product. Top notch!

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Zesty Bite said...

That's interesting, I didn't know they sold raw chocolate. Sounds like an unusual experience.