1 July 2013

Fudges – Jalaepno Wafers (@Fudgesbakery) [By @Cinabar]

We quite often have cheese, salami, biscuits and salad for tea, particularly if we have been out for a meal at lunch time on a Saturday. It’s an easy to prepare meal, and quite healthy too. I am always on the lookout for new bits and bobs to include, things to brighten up the meal like stuffed olives, or new cheese biscuits. When I heard about Fudges new Jalapeño Wafers I knew they would be perfect for our indoor picnics. Outdoor ones too, if the weather permits!
As you can imagine from the name wafers, the biscuits are really quite thin. They have a light delicate texture that you can just keep munching on. It’s not like a regular wafer at all, which I associate with being more papery. They are just like very thin brittle biscuits. You can see there is a generous amount of jalapeño peppers mixed, but thankfully they aren’t too hot, they just add a pleasant warm tingle. There is also a rich cheese taste, and the buttery flavoured base made them nice enough to snack on without the addition of any extra cheese or even butter. We did try them with cheese, parma ham and crab pate and they worked perfectly, but unlike a lot of cheese biscuits they held up on their own, as the spice and cheese taste just sang through.
These were a bit of a stand out item on our plates, with everyone asking what they were and where to buy them. They were absolutely delicious, and I found myself selfishly hiding the fact that there were a few left in the packet, so that I could save them all for myself later! Don’t tell anyone. ;-)
By Cinabar

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