13 July 2013

Briska Craft Cider Pomegranate Flavour (@briskacider) [By @SpectreUK]

Briska is a Swedish cider created at Kiviks Musteri, which is a cider mill in Österlen, in Sweden. Österlen is renowned for its apple orchards and its long tradition of cider making. At Kiviks Musteri this knowledge has been handed down over many years. This premium Swedish cider was served in a 500ml bottle and was 4% in volume. The label stated that it’s best served over ice, but I didn’t have any ice to hand when drinking it though. There was a floral smell on opening, which consisted of pomegranate with an indication of apple cider. The cider had a healthy sparkling fizz on pouring it into my beer mug. On tasting there was an initial flavoursome pomegranate tang followed by apple cider which also moved into the aftertaste. The label stated that this cider had a “gentle well balanced with a fruity, but not too sweet taste.” I’d have to agree with this statement. It was obvious that this drink was finely crafted with many years of care and experience. This was not a cider drink that you could find kids chugging down in a park somewhere, but more like an upmarket cider for the pure pleasure and indulgence of a cider connoisseur. This was a very pleasant and refreshing drink that reminded a regular beer and stout drinker that there are other alternatives out there and times, especially on hot summer nights, to enjoy a lovely cider. Briska’s Pear Cider was also a refreshing treat that I enjoyed on the same hot evening cooling me down after my toil in the garden.
By Spectre

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