22 July 2013

Magnum Minis - Meringue et Fruits (Sainsburys) [By @cinabar]

What better thing can you do when the sunshine comes than to indulge in some luxury ice cream? I decided to investigate what Magnum had been up to recently, and spotted these fab looking new lollies. The name Meringue et Fruits sounded like an Eton Mess ice cream, and the perfect mix of chocolate and fruit for the summer.
I carefully unwrapped my lolly and found it had a good thick coating of milk chocolate. This is one of things I love with Magnum, the chocolate coating is always of a good quality with a rich flavour and is generously proportioned. I like the way it cracks when you bite in too.
The ice cream in the filling was velvety smooth and super creamy. There were also lovely pieces of crunchy meringues and berries mixed in. The fruit seemed to be cranberries, but there was a more summer fruits taste as there was also sauce within the ice cream. The classic flavour mix of berries, chocolate, meringue and cream worked like a dream. The ice cream feel very indulgent, even in the mini form, and the sharpness of the berries worked well with the chocolate.
I’ll definitely be buying these again, and exploring the range further. I have added a box of the Magnum Minis Crème Brulee to my next online grocery order. :-)
By Cinabar

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