2 July 2013

New Lindt Excellence Blueberry Intense Dark [By @cinabar]

I can’t resist the new seasons Lindt flavours, and when I heard their new bar mixed blueberries and dark chocolate it sounded like the perfect summer match. Despite being called Blueberry Intense when I inspected the opened bar, I realised there were quite a few nuts running through the inside of each piece. You can see the white bits on the photograph layered inside the chocolate. These are actually almonds added to give the chocolate a nice bit of texture. There is no mistaking what the flavour is going to be though, the minute the foil is pulled back the fresh scent of blueberries immediately fills the room.
The chocolate is dark, and has a slight bitter edge, but the sweet floral tones of blueberry balance it out, giving a very consistent smooth fruity taste. The almond does only add a bit of texture, it gives the chocolate a bit of a bite, some substance, but not much flavour; it’s definitely more fruit than fruit and nut if you see what I mean. That’s okay though, that is what the wrapper promised when it was labelled Blueberry Intense
I liked the combination of blueberry and dark chocolate, it’s nice that Lindt have released this bar as it isn’t a combination that is readily available anywhere else. The flavours work too, the blueberry is strong, fragrant but still lovely and natural. It worked well with the chocolate, without overpowering it. It feels like a proper summery treat.
It’s lovely to see new bars coming out in the Lindt Intense range, but regular readers will be already know that I do always check for the re-release of Lindt Coffee Intense too. I know it’s not a very summery combination, but I’ve still got my fingers crossed!
By Cinabar


Kevs Snack Reviews said...

It's so ocol that Lindt are releasing all these new flavours here :) I'd like to see the Passionfruit Intense next.

cinabar said...

I've seen the passion-fruit and chilli in the pound shops before now!