23 July 2013

Shloer – New Raspberry & Rhubarb Punch [By @cinabar]

The sunshine seems to be holding up, despite the threat of thunderstorms. That means I am still on the search for refreshing drinks to enjoy and keep me hydrated. I recently heard about the new flavour from Shloer and as I have a bit of a fondness for rhubarb, couldn’t wait to give it a try.
Shloer is always very well balanced when it comes to the fizz, it’s not overpowering like some soft drinks can be, and it seems to have a more light and sparkling carbonation. It’s like a proper grown up soft drink. I decided to do Shloer properly as we were enjoying the garden in the sunshine. I tipped most of the bottle into a large jug for sharing added ice cubes and a sprig of mint just for good measure. The mint was fresh from our garden too, so was a nice extra touch. It looked the perfect summer soft drink.
The flavour was very refreshing too. Although it was sweet the zingy aspect from the rhubarb shone through but was balanced by the sweeter berries. I like the slightly tart edge, I think it helps distinguish it as being for adults and it isn’t overly sweet or sugary.
We grow our own rhubarb so it is a fruit close to my heart, and a taste I love. This drink does it justice perfectly, using the other fruits to mellow its sharp flavour. The punch has a lovely clean taste, and is definitely a drink I’ll be buying again. Perfect for the summer and it will add a touch of sophistication to any barbecues you might be planning.
By Cinabar

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