17 July 2013

Salty Dog Ham & Wholegrain Mustard Crisps (@saltygrrr) [By @SpectreUK]

I noticed some packets of these Salty Dog crisps on the counter in the restaurant at the garden centre when we visited to buy some plants for the summer. There was a cute illustration of a fuzzy looking dog on the front of the packet with a bold statement of; “The hand-cooked crisps that bite back.” Salty Dog crisps are produced by a small family business in Chesham, in Buckinghamshire. There was 192 calories per 40g packet, with 10.8g of fat and 1.6g of sugar and the ingredients were suitable for vegetarians. There was a smoked spiced ham smell on opening the packet and these crisps had a hint of red from their paprika colouring. These crisps had a good crunchy texture, but not scratchy like some crisps can be on the roof of the mouth. As promised on the front of the packet these crisps had a good salty flavour with an initial smoked ham taste, which was almost leaning towards bacon, but not quite, with a light spice from the wholegrain mustard flavouring. I thought these were very tasty crisps and would definitely have them again. I also tried the Ready Salted flavour on the side with my tuna and cheese jacket potato lunch at the garden centre and they had a good salty flavour with a decent crunch too. I really liked these Salty Dog crisps and hope to see more of them on the shelves of stores soon.
By Spectre


Zesty Bite said...

I shall look out for them :)

cinabar said...

Lovely to discover a new brand :-)