4 July 2013

Oat So Simple - Morning Bar - Raspberry & Pomegranate [by @NLi10]

This week I'm on holiday in Norway (or at least I was - these will go up when I get back) and this is the perfect opportunity to try local snacks, and to save money by eating cereal bars instead of having actual meals.

Here is one of the latter - it's branded as a breakfast bar so that like the biscuits we are reminded of extra times in the day we can eat food.  While this seems somewhat unnecessary as I've said before the more people that have breakfast the better.

This is a fairly standard bar of oats and things with dried fruit in it.

These things are raspberry and pomegranate which are my two favourite things to put in any snack food.  They aren't here in massive quantities but do add a little zing to what could otherwise be a dull snack.  

Solid then, but not one to change your morning routine around!

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