15 July 2013

Juice Burst - Apple & Rhubarb [@Blippar] [By @Cinabar]

I remember Juice Burst from my university days. The canteen always stocked Juice Burst drinks and I would have one with my lunch pretty much every day as a student. Purity Soft Drinks have given thier brand a bit of a modern makeover in recent months, and introduced Blippar to the bottle.
Blippar is a downloadable app on smart phones that lets you scan objects and get an augmented reality view of them. In this case I took the app and blipped the label on bottle. The little orange lines appeared trying to recognise the product. I realised it worked best when I went close up on the bottle.

When it figured it out, just a few moments later, it played a smart little video of the fruit and juice bursting from the bottle!

It then showed me a giant orange with a link to a competition!

Okay so I admit it, I really like technology and this did make me smile! It makes you want to buy the other flavours to try too out their videos too.
The drink I chose was Apple and Rhubarb and not a flavour I’d tried before. It was a deep dark purple in colour and the aroma from the rhubarb smelt lovely and refreshing.
The drink isn’t too sweet; it starts with a sharp zingy edge from the rhubarb, which is followed by a lovely clean fresh apple flavour. I found the drink very refreshing, particularly during all this lovely hot weather we are having. It’s another of those juices which is nice for the grownups as it doesn’t taste too sugary.
The label is a bit of a novelty, but I won’t tell you it isn’t fun. If you have a fascination for technology, it is certainly worth having a play with.
By cinabar

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