29 July 2013

Fox's Cafe Snaps – Caramel (Tesco @Foxs_Biscuits) [By @cinabar]

I found these biscuits in the mega Tesco which we visit occasionally as it is in the next town. When I first saw them I didn't realise at first that they were made by Fox's. The packaging is quite different; gone are the bright colours and instead there is posh silver packaging, aimed at a very different market.
The biscuits are designed to go with coffee, and seem to be targeting a sophisticated afternoon cuppa. The minute you open the wrapper the intense aroma of caramel is released. It’s a strong smell and wonderfully indulgent. The biscuits are quite thin and designed to look like coffee beans. I was impressed as there are quite a few in the pack. Some of the posh biscuit ranges can be a bit stingy with contents opting to fill the pack with plastic packaging instead, but that wasn’t the case with these. I decided to power up the Tassimo and make myself a Latte Macchiato to do this properly. :-)
The biscuits have a lovely firm snap and I couldn’t resist breaking one on the coffee bean pattern seem line. The flavour was lovely and rich. Think intense caramel and demerara sugar. There is a lovely background taste of freshly baked biscuit flavour, but it’s all about the strong caramel with these biscuits.
As I sipped my Latte I discovered that the slightly bitter coffee flavour complemented the sweetness from the biscuits and it was like a match made in heaven. It was the perfect afternoon pick me up.
I absolutely loved these new biscuits, and can’t wait to see what else Fox’s release in their new Cafe Snaps range.
By Cinabar


paulham said...

Ah, but are they anywhere near as good as:


Lotus speculoos?

Lindsey said...

I saw these in Asda a few weeks ago and picked them up, before promptly putting them back down again. Caramel flavourings can sometimes be really hit or miss! Thanks for the review, they look worth keeping hold of next time! =)

cinabar said...

Paulham - they are different - there are no spices with these ones. I'm a big fan of those Lotus biscuits ;-)

Lindsey - I loved the caramel flavour - good and strong and wonderfully buttery and sweet.