14 July 2013

Chocolate Frog With Popping Candy - Gorvett & Stone [by @NLi10]

The proverbial person who has everything must have all these things because everyone is buying them gifts. But what if it's your turn? What do you buy for this mythical person who has everything?  We got an e-mail from Not On The High Street inviting us to sample a few of their answers.

From Gorvett & Stone I decided to get a chocolate frog, similar to the kind of thing that was on offer at the Harry Potter world. 

It looks almost like a collected biological specimin in it's case. Hello froggie!

I did wonder why a frog was chosen as the design, but I guess that a lot of potions and spells call for them and the modern witch or wizard would probably prefer to use a chocolately one instead of a real one.

This is slightly more special than just a chocolate frog though - inside is popping candy. As with many of these products this adds just a bit of zing to the chocolate, and gives it more texture. The flavours are decent - it's a quality chocolate that's been used and it's a pleasure to eat. It's not a massive specimin, but in this heat it's certainly enough to satisfy.


Erin Burns said...

This looks absolutely amazing!

cinabar said...

Would make a beautiful gift :-)