24 July 2013

Lindt – Hello My Name is Caramel Brownie (@LindtUK) [By @SpectreUK]

This Lindt milk chocolate bar had a caramel brownie filling. From the photo you will see the runny caramel centre with a thin layer of biscuit and brownie at the bottom of the inside of the bar. There were also nice hearts and shapes on the outside of the bar. This 39g chocolate bar had 549 calories per 100g, having 49g of sugar and 35g of fat. The ingredients included 13% caramel, 28% brownie cream and 3% dark biscuit pieces. Although there was biscuit pieces in the ingredients this was not a crunchy bar, it was gorgeous, smooth and melted in the mouth as I bit into it. There was sweet runny caramel which ran (literally) through the centre of the succulent milk chocolate bar, with the added brownie and soft biscuit layer making it almost impossible not to make strange cat purring noises whilst eating exclaiming “yum” now and then. I’d highly recommend you try this Caramel Brownie milk chocolate bar. This chocolate bar was made by people who obviously love chocolate for people who love chocolate. I would definitely have it again. It’s one of the best caramel bars I’ve tasted and definitely a contender for the slightly overloaded caramel chocolate bar market, but I certainly can’t complain as I love caramel chocolate bars. Some slightly more than others...
By Spectre

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