3 July 2013

Cumbrian Fire Cracker Hot Salami (@TebayServices) [By @spectreUK]

The fiery looking packet and warning on the front that stated; “Only those who dare” first took my attention, when I saw this Cumbrian Fire Cracker Hot Salami hanging from a shelf in our favourite service station on the way back from a holiday in Northumberland. Its ingredients included 136g of pork, as well as chilli, cumin, garlic, yeast extract, sugar, salt, preservatives E250 and E251, and antioxidant E301. On opening the packet there was a spicy salami smell to the thin long sausage inside. The Cumbrian Fire Cracker tasted like normal salami initially and then came the burn. It was a spicy tasty chilli burn, followed by cumin and garlic flavour, leaving salami mixed with chilli aftertaste. The chilli heat made my nose sweat after a few tentative bites, filling my mouth with a lovely chilli and tasty salami flavour. This was a great snack and I’d recommend anyone to dare to eat this Cumbrian Fire Cracker Hot Salami. It simply tasted so damn good. I’d love to eat these more regularly, but it’s such a shame they’re so far away!
By Spectre

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