30 July 2013

Freddo Faces (Boots @CadburyUK) [By @cinabar]

I’m pleased to say that there is another new product from Cadbury’s on the shelf, I saw these new Freddo Faces by the counter in Boots. I have to admit to not being as closely aligned with the Freddo range as I am with some of Cadburys other products. Despite being invented in the 1930s, and first sold in the UK in 1973 Freddo bars weren’t sold here between 1979 and 1995 and so skipped my childhood. I am fascinated when I see their popularity and interesting flavours in import shops, but I did miss that childhood association with them. For other adult purchasers I’m sure they have a twinge of nostalgia that I’m missing.
These Freddo Faces are Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate in the form of chocolate frog faces. Yes it is just Dairy Milk chocolate, but the frogs are rather cute and well made. No one can argue with the tasty nature of the chocolate, it’s sweet, creamy and easy to eat. There will always be a pleasure from the pureness of Dairy Milk, but it is lacking the innovation that some of the Cadburys bars have had this year. I guess it can’t all be new and exciting flavour creations, and to be fair Cadbury have had some fabulous goodies out over the last few months.
For me these are the perfect lunch box size snack. They are tasty, but with a twist of novelty. It’s the sort of thing I would buy again, and perhaps may even get me hooked on Freddos after all. Now if they start releasing Freddos in some of the flavours you can get abroad i.e. Pineapple, Freddo with 100s and 1000s and even a popping candy edition, I think you will absolutely have me sold!
By Cinabar


PMAarun said...

I think it was recently announced that the Popping Candy Freddos are being introduced as a part of Cadbury's new Christmas products! :) Looking forward to that.

Donald @ Tea Time said...

Heh, looks like Frogger (the video game, old one)

Adrian said...

11 Freddo faces seems an odd number. Definitely will hunt these down, Freddo's are the perfect chocolate fix for me, these will be great to share. I wonder if popping candy freddo's will replace the magical elves?

cinabar said...

PMAarun - oh please let that be true... I will never be too old for popping candy :-)

Donald - Frogger was ace, even if it did take 15minute to load on my C64 :-D

Adrian - I'm glad you mentioned the 11 chocolates, it bothered me too!!
I can't imagine they'd have two similar products out at the same time, but the elves are popular. We shall have to wait and see.