18 July 2013

Tesco Katsu Curry - 20 Min Meal Kit [by @NLi10] (@UKTesco)

Tesco asked whether I wanted to review their Thai food.  I said yes.  This is what I got.

While all the PR guff talks about Thai food (which I love) the red box is clearly Japanese.  They do mention this fact so are not confused about their Asian foods, but this is all actually made in Thailand!  While reading the boxes I noticed a curious fact - all of this is Vegetarian!  A lot of instant Thai/Japanese things are not suitable for my Veggie partner so sit in the cupboard for weeks.  This was used almost instantly.

First up you should note - you need chicken (or Tofu/Quorn) and an egg.  One quick pop to the shop on our road later and I'm ready to start.

It all looks quite impressive laid out.  The big bag is rice, the medium bag that looks like rice is long breadcrumbs (Panko Breadcrumbs), the silver is the sauce.  We used Quorn fillets as they are designed to look a little like chicken breasts.

Poof! I added the flour, mixed the egg up a bit and got the breadcrumbs ready.  Messy fingers time!  It was very hard to use a touch screen phone to take a picture of the fillets covered in egg being dipped into the crumbs, but Ms NLi10 was around to do the honours for them hitting the pan.

They look a little odd and anaemic here, I think that usually the chicken makes them stick a bit better.  Heat was vigourously applied as per instructions while simultaneously doing the rice.

Naturally I tipped the left over egg into the left over breadcrumbs and added it to the top of the cooking Quorn. Yummy smells were produced.  The topping tended to fall off a bit.  The sauce went in, the rice went into the serving bowls and we ended up with this! 

It looks a bit brown and fall-appart compared to Tesco's picture AND it took around half an hour instead of 20 mins (as I wanted it crispy and I'm out of practice) but it certainly tasted amazing.  It had all the authentic flavours and all the right textures.  It was nothing like a package meal, I think the added steps are well worth it and I can't wait to try the other one we got sent.

Well recommended and I'd actually make a special effort to pop into the Tesco by our cinema to get more of these - afterall I have 5 eggs left!


Zesty Bite said...

oooh, this sounds nice. I shall have to have a trip to Tesco :)

cinabar said...

Keep your eyes open for another review from another kit coming very soon :-)

London Glutton said...

Interesting, do you recommend it for a regular dinner plan or is the price not that worth it? :)

Anonymous said...

This looks terrible!