20 July 2013

Marston’s Alcoholic Ale Shandy (Tesco @MarstonPedigree) [By @spectreuk]

Yes, we’ve actually hit summer; we’ve had some hot summer days and hot summer nights. Granted this has only been a week or two, so I expect people aren’t counting their chickens just yet, but this does mean that I’ve been out looking for more refreshing beverages rather than the warming winter goodies I’ve become accustomed to for the last ten months or more of wet and cold. This 2.8% volume 500ml bottle of Marston’s Alcoholic Ale Shandy seemed like a decent treat one steamy night. Brewed by Marston’s Brewery, in Burton-Upon-Trent, this shandy was best served “chilled over ice” or so the label stated. I could do the chilled part by dumping the bottle in the fridge for a while before drinking, but I’ve given up trying to find the ice tray! The label also stated “Quench your thirst: with this tasty and refreshing blend of traditionally brewed pale ale and lemonade.” I’ve always been a big fan of pale ale, especially in the summertime (if we have one!) and I always have a few gallons of “heavy on the lemonade” shandy in the house that I can glug down so I don’t get drunk, but I still get a hint of beer during usual daily drinking. Don’t get me wrong as I’m not an alcoholic, but I prefer the taste of beer rather than anything else. Once you’ve drank a glass of Dandelion and Burdock everything you eat or drink thereafter tastes of Dandelion and Burdock! Anyway, on opening this Marston’s Alcoholic Ale Shandy there was a light pale ale odour with a hint of lemonade. There was a distinctive bite of hops from the pale ale to start with followed by sweet barley malt blended with lemonade. There was an aftertaste of light pale ale mixed with a zing from the lemonade. I thought this Marston’s Alcoholic Ale Shandy was very nice indeed and very refreshing. I would definitely have this again and not just wait for a hot summer night, because let’s face it, in England they just don’t come along that often.
By Spectre

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