2 July 2013

The Perfect Stewed Rhubbarb – Recipe Corner

This may seem like a simple enough item to prepare, but there is an art to good stewed rhubarb, and too many times its served soft, way too soft.
We actually have a rhubarb patch in our garden, so we are starting with the very best. Its actually quite easy to grow. Once the plants are established they pretty much look after themselves!
The addition of the rose water in the recipe is like magic. I have no idea why the two flavours aren’t paired together more often. Once you’ve tried the two together you’d never go back. It would be like chips without salt.

Recipe – Serves 4
8 Large sticks of rhubarb
200g Sugar (or 25g per stick)
1 tsp of Rose Water (I use Neilsen-Massey)
Vanilla ice cream to serve

Chop the rhubarb into pieces, but don’t cut them down too small, I much prefer my stewed rhubarb to have some texture and not be too soggy.

Pop these in a pan with the sugar and the rose water. Add just enough water to almost cover the rhubarb.
Heat this on the hob, stir regularly, and bring it to the boil, allow it to simmer for a minute. Then turn off the heat, and allow it a further 5 minutes in the hot water.
Drain the rhubarb syrup into a measuring jug. Portion out the rhubarb in bowls, pour on some of the liquid (to taste) and then add ice cream on top if desired.

I love playing with the temperature so that the rhubarb is hot and ice cream melts on top. Yum. Alternatively feel free to go down the traditional route and serve with custard, it all works! :-)

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