27 July 2013

Ambassador’s Continental Orange & Lemon Jelly Segments (@TebayServices) [By @SpectreUK]

After my last experience with Amabassador’s of London jelly sweets I knew I’d be in for a serious treat when I picked up this 250g bag of Continental Orange & Lemon Jelly Segments from our favourite service station in Cumbria. A few weeks later on a sunny day I took them out of my satchel and claimed to all of my colleagues that they were about to try the Rolls Royce of jelly sweets! The ingredients included; sugar, pork gelatine, glucose syrup, water, citric acid, malic acid, flavourings, and colours E160a and E160c. I opened the bag and in an unprecedented moment of unselfishness I shared some out amongst my colleagues and watched the appreciation for quality and shear jelly goodness develop on every taster’s face. Both flavours were covered with sugar and were sumptuous, rich and flavoursome. The orange flavour had a sugary sweet chewy juicy orange flavour. The lemon flavour had an initial sour kick that played with the sweet sugar topping like a kitten with a sparkly ball of wool. Instead of serving Ferrero Rocher at the Ambassador’s party, they should serve these jellies and change the famous quote to; “Ambassador, with these Continental Orange & Lemon Jelly Segments you are really spoiling us!”

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