11 July 2013

Kims Fredags Milks med Smash - Norway [By @NLi10]

When on holiday trying the local snack food is important. So without hesitation I grabbed this huge bag of crisp like things for 40Kr.  Turns out thats about £4.70 in English money when similar sized bags would probably be £1.50! Curse you Norwegians for actually having an economy!  But what actually are they.

The reason for the selection of this is that it was actually two different snacks in one (value!).  Turns out that as the flavour sticks to the crisps quite well there are more than two kinds in here.

Smash - is a crisp coated in salt then chocolate.  THis is frankly ace and is sold by itself as a separate product but we bought the combined thing so I didn't have to pay 40Kr twice.

Bølgeknas - looks like pasta, text translates as a crackling crispy potato snack.  A nice break from the crazy flavours.

Knasestenger - originally this translated as 'crunchy pliers' but with the second s put back in it becomes the rather more plausible 'crunchy bars'. These were a go-to favourite whenever they stuck out of the mass of crisps.

Krusechips - google translate got confused with this one, but they are a light flake like chip and not german cruise ships. These were nice too.

Sprø Muffer - 'crispy sleeves' which sounds like a nickname for someone who eats too many of these 'porous snack tubes'.

And this is what a bag looks like

It truly is a fantastic mix.  We didn't run out of the chocolate ones as their flavour was the most intense and tended to go for the plainer ones.  The bag lasted us a good week of snacking, partly due to discovering you could buy bags of Chilly Nuts for very cheap from the Co-Op.  I'd buy these again if I saw them in the UK - and there is a whole range of Smash that I couldn't afford to try.  At import prices I'd probably need a 2nd job though which would be a shame.  An interesting and sustaining Norwegian snack!

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