19 July 2013

Magnum – Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream (By @cinabar)

Magnum are famed for their ice lollies, but this year they have branched out a little. First we had the slightly strange ice cream free chocolate bar. It was nice by the way, strange only in concept of it being without ice cream, not because of the flavour.
Now they have transformed the Magnum brand into tubs of ice cream, which makes more sense! The tub I chose was Vanilla and Chocolate flavour and consists of a chocolate chip vanilla ice cream with a chocolate sauce running through the core.
I pulled back the lid on the ice cream tub and found the top sprinkled with chocolate bits. It did look pretty, but because the ice cream is in a tall tub, as opposed to a flatter oblong box, you do run out of topping after the first couple of servings.
Anyway I put a couple of scoops into a bowl, making sure I got some of the dark centre too. It wasn’t too difficult to scoop straight from the freezer either. The basic ice cream is very creamy and has a lovely rich sumptuous vanilla taste. The chocolate within in it is plentiful and generously portioned, making it a fab chocolate chip flavour. The darker taste of the chocolate complemented the creamier background taste.
The weakness was the core, it was “nice” but that is as far as I’d go. The flavour isn’t bad, it just doesn’t seem to be the same quality rich flavour as the chocolate topping. It’s syrupy, and I know it’s supposed to be a syrup centre, but I found myself wanting more of the vanilla base ice cream instead.
Although I enjoyed the tub, and will happily finish it off the centre let it down a bit for me. It’s a shame though, as the vanilla section was divine.
I do have some of the new meringue and fruit mini Magnums ordered for my next online shop, so I’m looking forward to testing those out too.
By Cinabar

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