7 July 2013

Krispy Kreme's Summer 2013 - Lemon Drizzle // White Choc & Almond [@krispykremeUK] (by @NLi10)

It's my Birthday - yay!

Why is this important? As anyone who works with me in my real-world job knows - my birthday is Krispy Kreme day!

This year due to special offers and a generous voucher from a colleague we have 7 dozen - or 85 doughnuts! That extra one was a free raspberry glazed one as it was my birthday after all.

This is what that looks like:

Turns out there is a 5 boxes (plus balloons) as a party pack offer for £40 at the moment which is great as that saved me about £20 on the overall price.  The two doughnuts that I hadn't seen before were a lemon drizzle thing, and an almond concoction.

The website has better descriptions.

The Lemon Drizzle Cake is one of those one month only deals that crop up regularly now to try and entice in people like me more regularly.  This only fails due to my exceptional will power and the fact that eating around 6 KK in a day every year is usually enough for me.  That said this year my Birthday is a Sunday so I haven't taken them to work yet and I've already eaten three.

How does it stack up?  It's essentially just a lemon topped version of the classic plain ring doughnut (baked not fried naturally).  That said the three different textures on the top are really quite fun.  The jelly line which has the strongest flavour is sticky and inviting, the fluffy stuff is fluffy and lighter in flavour, the green hard bits are softer than on the previous special editions and much more edible for it.

That said this isn't that moreish - one was a happy portion and I'd rather try more varieties than go flat earth and order a box of these (I could eat a box of Raspberry glazed to myself over a weekend if I felt particularly crazy - i've never tried yet though). One to sample, enjoy and move on from I think.

Next up we have the odd White Choc & Almond Praline which is a strange concoction that i'd not normally grab for.  The nuts on the top are very recognisable and real which is unusual in the world of snacks.  The creme inside almost has a kind of coffee tinge to it, but this al tastes of roast almonds.  This is a great doughnut and one that would be perfect with a filter coffee.

It's a proper 'man' doughnut too in that it's not one people could mock you for selecting like the (admittedly fabulous) lip-gloss pink doughnut.  Out of the two I'd be more likely to choose this one again, but it's not one I could binge on.

I'm happy there are new varieties to try each year, and that the special offers keep improving.  Just means I have more to share tomorrow.

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