16 July 2013

Moshi Monsters Magic Chocolate Fun Pack (@findmeagift) [By @cinabar]

Magic Chocolate is an interesting product that is fairly new to the market. This fine pack was sent though to me by the lovely folks at Find Me A Gift to test out.
It is made with real Belgian chocolate but is a pliable chocolate for moulding into fun shapes.

The pack comes with some instructions; white, milk and dark chocolate discs and an antibacterial wipe for hygiene. As this was the Moshi Monsters kit, I thought I’d follow the instructions to making Katsuma.
The box states that there is enough chocolate to make four models, but I was a bit disappointed to see only instructions for two which meant you’d have to adlib a bit yourself with the other two.

I carefully made all the suggested pieces on the leaflet, ready to put them together. I should say that moulding the bigger pieces was quite easy, but some of the smaller bits were VERY fiddly. Now I accept I haven’t used modelling clay since I was about 12, so I was lacking in previous experience but I was struggling a bit. I found the small lines in dark chocolate for the smile and the outlining of the eyes to be very hard, but I suspect a more qualified and experience child may well be better at it than me!
I gently put all the parts together and assembled my Moshi Monster. The pieces were a bit difficult to get to stick together too, and that meant the bits became a little bit squished as you pressed them on, but I did my best. Introducing Katsuma:

Okay, yes, it’s not that impressive, but it was my first try, and I thoroughly enjoyed giving it a go! I have three more to build and will do my best! :-D The chocolate itself tastes nice, but it is quite sweet. I guess this is down to the balance of the ingredient to make it pliable. I think Magic Chocolate could be used really effectively for cake decorating too – so I might give that go with some of my remaining chocolate; it is fun to have a play with! If you want your own kit, have a look at: Moshi Monsters Magic Chocolate Fun Pack
By Cinabar


paulham said...

Haha, that looks rank!

Still, if it tastes good. :)

cinabar said...

lol - that was my best effort!!