12 July 2013

Tesco Cookie Kit (@UKTesco) [By @Cinabar]

I love a bit of quick and easy baking, and couldn’t resist picking up the Tesco Cookie Kit when I saw it. Inside the pack is a ball of readymade cookie dough, a tube of vanilla icing and a bag of coloured sugar coated chocolates. The instructions are simple, all you need to do is knead the dough, split it into six equal parts and roll them into balls. Flatten these into a biscuit shape and bake for around 15minutes in an oven set to 170 degrees.

The dough was quite soft when I went to knead it, even though I took it straight from the fridge and the recipe suggests having it at room temperature for half an hour first. My lack of preparation skills didn’t seem to matter. These cookies baked well and after the allotted time they looked larger and slightly golden.

I allowed the six cookies to cool, on baking trays. I didn’t really have a plan for the decoration, I just thought I would experiment. Spectre seemed to take an interest at this point, after all the house was filled with the aroma of just baked biccies. He asked if he could decorate a couple, so that left me four to play with. My designs were just off the top of my head, but I was still quite pleased with them.

Next up Spectre decided to show off his two cookies....

Eagle-eyed readers may spot there is only one, yes folks he ate one before decorating. He said it smelt too good! :-D

If you can bear to wait for the icing to set, I can tell you it does firm up nicely and works well at holding the chocolates onto the cookies.
The taste is wonderful too, sweet baked vanilla flavour. If you are after a quick baking fix, these are a doddle to do, with a lovely tasty result. Plus they fill the kitchen with that yummy freshly baked aroma. They were fun to make and decorate, so I’d definitely pick these up again.
By Cinabar

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