9 July 2013

J20 – Pear Gold (Waitrose) [By @cinabar]

Ok so I accept I’m shallow, but I like edible glitter. I have loved the previous J20 flavour Glitterberry which was filled with the pretty stuff and seems to get released each year in time for Christmas. When I saw that our new summer J20 flavour was Pear Gold I got my hopes up, thinking that there would be golden sparkly bits in it. I thought it was a play on “Pure Gold”. It was only when I got the multipack home that disappointment set in. I pulled out a bottle and shook it, nothing happened. I read the ingredients and there was no mention of edible gold glitter. I shook the bottle again, just to double check, and sighed.
Trying to get passed the slump I poured it into a tall glass and took a sip. I learnt from my previous perusal of the ingredients that the pear was backed up by a guava taste, perhaps that’s what added the alleged ‘gold’ to the name. The flavour wasn’t as sweet as I expected, and it had quite a bitey sharp edge. It had a hint of pear cider about the flavour, it is more of grown up taste with a lovely refreshing feel to it.
It would be worth getting some of these in if you are having a barbeque and you want something nice for those that don’t drink or are driving. The sharpness of the flavour means that it is perfect to cool you down, even if there isn’t the edible glitter to sparkle in the sunshine.
By Cinabar

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Anonymous said...

I loved this drink when it came out last year, good news is its back now! Had my first bottles of it today from Sainsbury's.

Waiting for Tesco to get it as theirs is half price at the moment.