25 July 2013

Sci-MX PROTEIN Flapjack (by @NLi10)

What on earth is a Nutritionally Superior Flapjack?  This!!

It's basically one of those things they sell to people trying to build lots of muscle mass without having to basically eat chicken for hours a day.  Most of them taste like paper due to the soya protein - or at least they did 5 years ago.  Lets see how they have moved on.

As you can see there is more of a brownie texture to the bar than a flapjack, as grain and such don't contain the ridiculous amounts of protein that these bars provide.  The chocolate is there but not that powerful and the main flavour is almost like a cakey nougat kind of thing.  The papery taste is there in the background but is masked fairly well.  

I guess the bar worked - before this I was tempted to pay the inflated prices of the cruise liner to get a decent meal and this filled the spot.  In the olden days I'd take these to festivals so I'd only need a couple of meals a day and still have the necessary vitamins and minerals to bounce around with.

This isn't something you'd eat for pleasure - we took a few to Norway with us to make sure that we had enough long energy.  

What for? 

Well that's the next review...

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