7 June 2013

Moorland Pudding aka Bramley Apple & Winberry Pie (@TebayServices)

This is another of the treasures I picked up at our favourite Tebay Services. All the fruit pies were laid out on a big stand and I fancied getting a nice dessert to help with post holiday blues. I was trying to decide which flavour pie to buy, when the winberry pie caught my eye. Spectre asked what winberries were and I explained I had no idea and that I'd never tasted them before. This sealed the deal, winberries were go!
On closer inspection it turns out the winberry pie also contains apple for sweetness, has a crumble top and a pastry base. Google informs me that winberries are a relative of blueberries, but that they grow better in cooler climates. I wish we'd known this before buying the blueberry bush in our garden which never seems to get enough sun for a decent crop!
The pie just needed heating in the oven before serving to warm it through and we had it with hot custard despite the pack recommending ice cream.
The berries inside the pie were a lovely dark purple colour and looked really nice. The flavour was quite soft, not bitey and sharp like blackcurrants. The taste was syrupy and mellow with a nice sweetness shining through from the apple. The crumble and the pastry gave the pie substance, and worked well with the custard. I was so impressed with the smooth sweet berry taste I really want to get a winberry bush for the garden! We have blackcurrants and raspberries and these would be perfect for my jam making!
Thanks again to the lovely Tebay for introducing me to a new fruit, and a fabulous pie. ;-)
By Cinabar

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